AIG CyberEdge®

Protect Your Network from 150M Unwanted IP Addresses and Domains Before They Hit Your Network

Included with your CyberEdge policy, at no additional cost, the Bandura platform -- a smart and simple way to block threats at scale, everywhere

Our cloud-based platform aggregates and integrates all of your threat intelligence in real time and blocks known bad traffic without adding latency to your network. Our platform provides 30M threat indicators out of the box and offers support for over 150M+.

Your complimentary service:

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Strengthens network defenses by blocking malicious IP & domain threats that are being missed by other security controls

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Reduces manual workload through automation and advanced analytics

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Increases the value of your existing security investments

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AIG is providing Bandura’s ThreatBlockr and subscription to their CyberEdge customers*

What you’ll get with your complimentary AIG service:

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You’ll receive a complimentary 1Gb subscription for as long as you’re an eligible CyberEdge policyholder

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ThreatBlockr Appliance

You are eligible to receive a complimentary on-premise 1Gb set-top ThreatBlockr, if that aligns with your security needs.

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You’ll receive additional discounts on all of our other products and services

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Getting Started is Easy

We ship your free ThreatBlockr

Install ThreatBlockr in your network

Schedule a web session to activate & get set up

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AIG CyberMaticsSM

Bandura Cyber is a technology partner for AIG’s CyberMaticsSM. The Bandura Cyber Threat Intelligence Firewall platform works together with AIG’s award-winning CyberMatics process to to analyze participating customers' cybersecurity postures and determine a “cyber risk profile.”

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*You must be an eligibe AIG CyberEdge Policyholder and accept the AIG End User Licensing Agreement to qualify for your complimentary service.

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