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30M+ Threat Indicators Out-of-the-Box Providing a Day One Increase in Protection

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Easy to Integrate Additional Threat Feeds from Any Source

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Protect Networks from up to 150M Threat Indicators in Real Time, with No Latency

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Threat Feed in Real Time

Aggregate IP & domain threat intelligence from multiple providers and integrate feeds from any source. Threat feeds are automatically kept up-to-date in real time.

Aggregate threat intelligence data from multiple sources including commercial, government, open source, & ISAC/ISAOs.

Integrate threat intelligence from any of our pre-seeded partner feeds or any cool IP or domain-based source that you want to use.

Out-of-Box Threat Feed Providers

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Categorized and scored IP address and domain indicators


Known bad actors. period. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

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We’ve done some work here for you. These are “Known-Good” IP addresses and Domains so you don’t have to worry about blocking stuff you use.

ThreatBlockr Appliances

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You found a cool threat feed you want to start using? We make it easy...from automatically ingesting a text file over the web, hitting a STIX/TAXII server, or integrating with a threat intelligence platform, SIEM, or SOAR, we have you covered!

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