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Bandura ThreatBlockr Platform Data Sheet

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  • Enforcement: Block up to 150 million threat indicators in real time providing another valuable layer of network protection while improving the performance of existing controls
  • Automation: Always current protection, data, and enforcement policies, updated in real time
  • Simplicity: Easy to acquire and deploy cyber intelligence without the need for extensive resources
  • Intelligence: Tens of millions of “out-of-the-box” indicators from best-in-class sources

The Challenge

Cybersecurity continues to be a challenge for organizations globally. Data and users are everywhere and attacks happen in real-time. Cyber intelligence is critical to preventing attacks and reducing risks. However, the current model for consuming and deploying cyber intelligence is too complex, resource intensive, expensive, and most importantly ineffective. Small and mid-sized organizations lack the resources to deploy cyber intelligence and large enterprises face challenges deploying it at scale. Organizations of all sizes need an easy-to-deploy, cloud-based, autonomous solution for cyber intelligence and defense.

The Solution

Bandura brings the power of autonomous cyber intelligence and defense to the masses. Our cloud-based platform combines cyber intelligence, automation, and network enforcement into a single solution that is easy to deploy and manage. Customers in over 40 states and 20 countries around the world are deploying Bandura to strengthen network protection, better scale security through automation, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of existing security processes. Deployed in 30 minutes or less, Bandura adds immediate value to your security efforts and protects your users and data wherever they are -- on-prem, cloud, or remote.

How it Works

We make the world’s leading cyber intelligence accessible to everyone in real time. We provide tens of millions of “out of the box” threat indicators from the world's best sources, including leading commercial providers like DomainTools, Proofpoint, Webroot, open source data providers and leading government sources. We also have over 50 point-and-click integrations with ISACs/ISAOs, Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs), SIEMs, SOARs, and other systems. If you have a data source that isn’t on our integration list - you can easily integrate IP and domain indicators in real-time from any source.

Our platform simplifies the deployment of cyber intelligence with automation. Cyber intelligence data is automatically updated in real-time and our cloud-based service ensures up-to-date cyber intelligence and policies are always being deployed to our ThreatBlockr appliances.

ThreatBlockr defends your network with autonomous enforcement and can block up to 150M threat indicators in real-time with no latency. ThreatBlockr inspects inbound and outbound traffic and makes simple, policy-based allow or deny decisions based on threat intelligence (IP reputation, block lists, allow lists), GEO-IP, and/or Autonomous System Number (ASN). ThreatBlockr can be flexibly deployed on physical, virtual or cloud appliances, as a cloud-based service or any combination of these. Regardless of deployment, we can protect your users and networks everywhere and our Cloud-based Management Portal gives you a central point of visibility and control.

As data flows through our ThreatBlockr appliances, our platform generates a significant amount of data. This data helps you analyze your security posture, identify and remediate threats in real time, and easily solve for false positives. Non-PII metadata is sent to our Cloud-based Management Portalto allow quick analysis of your security posture and detailed data is sent to any SIEM, Syslog server or security analytics tool of your choice for further detailed analysis.

An All Encompassing Solution to Automate the Acquisition, Deployment, and Enforcement of Cyber Intelligence Across Your Network

Instantly Deploy Data and Increase Network Protection by Taking Action with High-Value Intelligence from a Variety of Sources

Flexible Subscription Licensing Model

Bandura provides flexible subscription licensing based on protected network throughput. Software subscriptions are available as either Essentials or Enterprise, and offer throughputs from 500 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with annual and three-year subscription terms.

Deployment via Physical, Virtual, or Cloud-Based Appliances

ThreatBlockr can be flexibly deployed on physical, virtual, or cloud appliances, as a cloud-based service or any combination of these. For on-premise deployments, Bandura offers optimized, commercial, off-the-shelf hardware appliances. Current appliances support 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps throughputs.

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